How to teach at Learnitive?

Teach at

Teach at Learnitive — Your Udemy alternative!

You don’t need a complete degree to become an instructor at Instead, all you need is a computer or a smartphone as you share your knowledge and skills with people across the globe.

The learnitive courses are interactive! Each course must be equipped with hands-on coding environments where lesson will include a combination of text, code, visuals, quizzes, and/or other interactive elements.

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First, you create an account sign-in, then click on the become instructor button on the page and you will become a Learnitive instructor immediately!

The Learnitive widgets

Learnitive widgets are built upon the EditorJS with many extra features.

Learnitive widgets

Key Learnitive Editor Features

  • Block-styled editor
  • Playground code sandboxes, just choose a programming language and hit the run button
  • Interactive image editor
  • Linux terminal
  • Many more

There are dozens of ready-to-use Blocks. For example, you can implement Blocks for your 50+ Languages programming codes, YouTube videos, Tweets, Instagram posts, surveys and polls, CTA-buttons and even copy-paste of images.

Simply choose your lesson types: upload videos or create an interactive lesson experience with the Learnitive editor widgets.

To write a lesson, you will use Learnitive’s lesson editor widgets allowing the user to interact with your lesson. Your lessons might introduce a topic, demonstrate an executable code/command, or prompt the reader to complete a challenge or watch a relevant video. code sandbox

The widgets available on the Learnitive platform fall into the following categories: Text, Coding, Illustration, Terminal and Videos. You use these widgets to create your course and once it is ready, has passed a simple review round, the course will become “live” on the platform!

How much you’ll get monthly?

Sale Type Description Single course 70% of the sale price (courses usually prices at USD $5 favouring the learners). Get USD $3.5/sale. Premium Subscription A fraction of the monthly subscription premium pool when anyone subscribes to your courses. revenue share

At Learnitive, we are open to communication with the instructors, provide instructor supports, and finally a prompt monthly pay out! Payout at the minimum accumulation of USD $25.

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Learnitive is a platform for teaching and learning with interactive text, codes, illustrations and videos.